Redbreast Acara

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Other common names: Red-breast Acara; Red Flag Cichlid; Red Laetacara; Redbreasted Acara

Scientific name: Laetacara dorsigera

The basics:
The Redbreast Acara is native to slow moving tributaries in the Amazon River basin in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It is a small member of the Cichlid family, and is also one of the more peaceful and shy Cichlids.

The Red-breast Acara is a small oval-shaped Cichlid with attractive colors ranging from olive-green to brown. The body of this Dwarf Cichlid has black horizontal stripes running across from its eye to the middle of its body. The belly is red colored.

2-3 inches

The Redbreast Acara is peaceful and does well in a community tank that contains non aggressive fish. It does need a tank which contains stones and wood where it can hide. The Red-breast Acara is peaceful in temperament and gets along well with other small docile fishes.

The tank (minimum size 10 gallons) can be laid out with hiding places for the Red-breast Acara to hide. Plants, driftwood, and flat stones can be used for this purpose. This fish also likes a lot of free swimming space and can be maintained in a community tank. The fish does not eat plants.

77.00-86.00 °F


0.140-142.870 mg/L

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