Red Line Torpedo Barb

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Other common names: Denison's Barb; Roseline Shark; Bleeding Eye Barb; Miss Kerala; Red Comet Barb

Scientific name: Sahyadria denisonii

The basics:
The Red Line Torpedo Barb is a colorful member of the Spotted Barb (Puntius) family of fish, and is found in streams and rivers in South India. They are a shoaling fish (they swim together in the same direction), and feed on insects and vegetation such as algae.

Its torpedo shaped body is what gives the Red Line Torpedo Barb its characteristic name. Its colorful, slender body is silver-scaled which accounts for the shiny appearance. There is also a distinct red line running from the head towards the middle of the body. Below the red line is a black line that runs across the body towards the tail. The tail shape is forked in appearance. It is also referred to as Barbus denisonii, Crossocheilus denisonii, and Barbus denisoni.

5-6 inches

The Red Line is a peaceful and active fish that can be kept comfortably with other medium-sized community species. As they are a schooling fish, they need to be kept in groups of 6 or more individuals.They are known to be slightly aggressive at times - and can be fin nippers.

Due to its active nature, the Red Line prefers large tanks with open swimming spaces. Plants, driftwood and rocks can be added to provide hiding places. Water is changed frequently and is kept well-oxygenated with a good flow rate. Torpedo Barbs are usually maintained in groups as they tend to school together.

64.00-77.00 °F


50.000-250.000 mg/L


unbroken black line, Champion Centerpiece fish, good red, peaceful super schoolers, best looking barbs


Expensive fish, nip fish, extra tank upkeep


shoaling fish, Very rare, Open water swimmers, high pH

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