Ram Cichlid

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Other common names: Butterfly Cichlid; Blue Ram; German Ram; Ramirezi

Scientific name: Mikrogeophagus ramirezi

The basics:
The Ram Cichlid is a small, colorful member of the New World Cichlid family, and is native to slow flowing streams in Venezuela and Columbia.The Ram Cichlid is a popular aquarium fish, and, unlike other cichlids, is shy and best kept with other fish which are not overly aggressive.

Ram Cichlids are small and pretty in appearance. Their bodies are moderately elongated; their bellies are tinged with the color pink while the rest of the fish is blue. Blood red irises have a striking look with a black stripe running the forehead to the underside. Black rays are present on the dorsal fin while the caudal fin is fan-shaped. Ram fishes have pink tips on their blue anal fins.

2-3 inches

The Ram cichlid is a peaceful fish to care for. They are small, docile, shy, and not very demanding. They get along well with other shy, passive species. They may show aggressive behavior while spawning. Due to their passive nature, they can be bullied by aggressive tank mates.

A shy and peaceful disposition makes Ram Cichlids ideal for small community tanks. Cleanliness is an important requirement in tank conditions. High filtration levels coupled with soft water conditions makes an ideal environment. Partial water changes are frequently required. A water conditioner is used after each change.

72.00-79.00 °F


100.000-120.000 mg/L


inquisitive nature, bright colors, beautiful little cichlid, colorful freshwater fish, favorite species


regular water changes, good water conditions, water condition changes, ideal parameters, right ph


flat stones, slightly acidic conditions, handsome gold form

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