Peters' Elephantnose Fish

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Other common names: Elephantnose Fish; Long-nosed elephant Fish; Ubangi mormyrid

Scientific name: Gnathonemus petersii

The basics:
The Peters' Elephantnose Fish is a member of the Elephantfish (Mormyridae) family and is native to streams and rivers in the Niger River basin in West Africa. It reaches 10 inches (25 cm) in length, and like other Elephantfish, produces a mild electric current which it uses to find prey in the river bottoms. They are nocturnal fish, and feed on crustaceans, insect larvae and worms. The Peters' Elephantnose Fish is an unusual freshwater aquarium fish, and all specimens in the hobby are wild caught.

Gnathonemus petersii are dark brown to black in color, and are distinguished by a trunk-like extension of the mouth.

10-12 inches

They have peaceful temperaments, but require warm water and reach a large adult size and are best kept singly. The Elephant-nose is a peaceful, nocturnal fish and gets along well with other fishes in a community tank. Though it is shy and likes to hide in dark areas, it can also be quite playful at times. This shy, delicate-natured fish is occasionally known to turn aggressive.

A 45 gallon (minimum size) tank is mandatory. Floating plants with subdued lighting conditions are ideal for Elephant-nose fish. They love to hide, so rocks, ledges, and artificial caves are preferable. They mix well in community tanks. Sandy substrates make the fish feel more comfortable. A good water conditioner is required to maintain optimum tank conditions.

75.00-80.00 °F


40.000-180.000 mg/L


magnificent schooling fish, neat looking fish, black velvet appearance, Stunning fish Advanced


time hiding, finicky eaters, specific dietary needs, securely fitted hood


live foods bloodworms, oddly shaped body, Mr. Smarty pants, nocturnal grazers, external filter

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