Peppered Cory Cat

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Scientific name: Corydoras paleatus

The basics:
The Peppered Cory Cat is a small catfish which is native to coastal rivers in Uruguay and Brazil. It is a popular aquarium fish, and does well in a community tank, where it is a hardy, peaceful, bottom-dweller.

Cory cats are easy to keep and fun to have. They are scavengers and will eat any excess food that falls to the bottom but it is still a good idea to feed them a sinking pellet every couple of days to make sure they are getting enough food.

The Peppered Cory's bronze body is "peppered" with black and dark green spots. It has a white underside. Cory Cats can blink and its really fun to see if you can catch them doing it. Corys are also available in long fin and albino versions.

2 inches

Peppered Corys are peaceful by nature. They will school in a group which is entertaining to watch but they also do ok alone as a bottom cleaner in a small tank. Because they are so peaceful they get along in almost any community tank. They can be kept with any other peaceful fish and some of the semi-aggressive will leave them alone too because Cory cats stay on the bottom of the tank and out of the way. Good community tank mates include Tetras, live bearers, Danios, and dwarf plecos. Good semi-aggressive tank mates include dwarf Gouramis, Angels, Barbs, and Discus.

Cory cats need a minimum of 10 gallons and a school can be kept in as little as 20 gallons. They do best when there are plants and decorations to play in and hide if necessary. When picking out rocks for the bottom a smooth sand or gravel substrate is best to keep their sensitive barbels from getting damaged. Cory cats are sensitive to water quality and need a good filter. It's also a good idea to vacuum the gravel to ensure wastes don't build up on the bottom where the Cory cats spend most of their time.

68 - 82 °F

6.8 - 7.50

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