Pearl Gourami

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Other common names: Leeri, Lace Gourami; Diamond Gourami; Platinum Gourami; Mosaic Gourami

Scientific name: Trichogaster leeri

The basics:
The Pearl Gourami is native to shallow, swampy, heavily vegetated waters in Southeast Asia. They are a hardy fish and are known for known for the bubble nests which males create during spawning season.

The Pearl Gourami is very pleasing to the eye. The body is laterally compressed. The ventral fins are long and thin like antennae. This Gourami is nacreous in appearance with iridescent and brown flecks or tiny dots. A horizontal black line runs across the entire length of the body.

3-4 inches

The Pearl Gourami is a peaceful fish that does well in community tanks. They are wary of overly aggressive fish however, and housed with them, will tend to hide, refuse food, and begin to lose color. They prefer to coexist with fish of their same size and temperament.

The Pearl Gourami is one of the hardiest aquarium fish. It requires a 30-gallon capacity tank with water approximately 12 inches deep. As they are accustomed to heavy vegetation in their natural habitat, a covering of floating ferns offers a similar environment. This also makes the substratum dark with subdued light, which is an ideal environment for this Gourami. The tank level for this species is from middle to top.

75.00-86.00 °F


35.700-107.100 mg/L


sport lovely colours, translucent body, BEAUTIFUL gourami, community tanks, peaceful fish, fantastic fish


minimum 30 gallons, great fry, proper tankmates, excellent water quality


active fish, sharp eyesight, floating plant cover

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