Parrot Cichlid

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Other common names: Real Parrot Cichlid; Green Parrot Cichlid

Scientific name: Hoplarchus psittacus

The basics:
The Parrot Cichlid is a South American Cichlid which inhabits blackwater rivers in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. The Parrot Cichlid can be challenging to keep in an aquarium. The Parrot Cichlid should not be confused with the man-made hybrid Blood Parrot Cichlid.

The Parrot fish is an attractive blackwater Cichlid with an iridescent green body and bright red eyes. However, juveniles only possess a grayish splotched “camouflage” pattern and mature into a solid iridescent green only upon maturity. They are relatively large in size. The name comes from its green parrot-like face which has an “eye spot” near the caudal fin.

13-14 inches

They grow quite large, up to 13 inches, and are territorial and aggressive towards smaller fish. They should be kept in at least a 75 gallon tank, and housed with other large, but not overly aggressive Cichlids.

Minimum tank capacity required for this species is 75 gallons. Heavy aeration and good filtration systems are required in most cases. Tank can be populated with plants, driftwood, stones, and layers of gravel. Tank water can be changed twice a month. The Parrot Cichlids get along well with other large Cichlids as tank mates.

77.00-86.00 °F


20.000-120.000 mg/L

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