Panda Cory

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Other common names: Panda Corydoras; Panda Catfish

Scientific name: Corydoras panda

The basics:
The Panda Cory is a member of the Corydoras family of catfish, and is native to rivers in Peru and Ecuador.

The Panda Cory has an exotic bronze backdrop and a white body. It is stocky and deep with an arched back. A black facemask extends over the eyes, giving them their name. A black caudal spot around the eye and at the base of the tail and a red sheen can also be seen. There are many rays on the dorsal fin. The first ray is black in color while the remaining are a transparent bronze. There are two rows of bony plates on either side of the fish's body. The fish do not possess any scales. A notable fact is that they have the capacity to utilize atmospheric oxygen with their intestines. However, the strangest and most remarkable feature of this fish is the winking motion using the barbels and their eyes.

1-2 inches

Panda Cory are small, shoaling fish and do well in peaceful community tanks if kept in groups of eight or more Individuals.

For a small shoal of these fish, a tank with a capacity of 10 to 15 gallons capacity will suffice. If the fish make too many trips to the surface to gulp air, it is a sign that the water needs to be changed. The tank should have a fine gravel bottom. Mirroring their natural environments, dim lighting is provided. The tank is well-oxygenated with abundant plantation. Panda Corys are more comfortable in shallow tanks.

68.00-75.00 °F


150.000-250.000 mg/L


great beginner fish, good color, lively shoaling behaviour.Even, Best Community Cat, peaceful species


time hiding, shyness, boring, nocturnal creatures


slow grazer, egg laying catfish, vigorous cory, midwater species, Great friendly fish

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