Opaline Gourami

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Other common names: Blue Gourami, Gold Gourami, Three Spot Gourami, Cosby Gourami

Scientific name: Trichogaster trichopterus

The basics:
Being labyrinth fishes, they have the ability to lift their mouths out of the water to gulp air. They also build bubble nests.

The Three-Spot Gourami derived its name from the markings on the side of the body – two spots that align with the eye, looking like there are three spots along its side. The body is generally silvery bluish in color, which is why the species is also called Blue Gourami. Tank breeding has led to the gold (with yellow and orange markings) and opaline (with marbled or mottled markings) color forms of the Three-Spot Gourami. gold, light blue

0-6 inches

Three-Spot Gouramis are generally shy and peaceful and will be good for community aquariums with similar-size non-aggressive species. If harassed, the Three-Spot Gourami will sulk in a corner, hide among the plants or enter a cave. As they mature and grow large, they are known to become territorial and could even become aggressive to smaller fishes.

Three-Spot Gouramis are hardy but prefer well-filtered tanks that are heavily planted and decorated with hiding places like caves and crevices. It prefers warm waters but will tolerate most water conditions.

72.00-82.00 °F


100.000-250.000 mg/L

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