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Other common names: Common Molly; Lyretail Molly; Short-finned Molly; Pointed-tail Molly; Black Molly

Scientific name: Poecilia sphenops

The basics:
The Molly is a live bearer fish which is native to brackish waters in Central and South America, where it feeds on insects, crustaceans and plant matter. The Molly is a popular fish and can be a lot of fun if you kow what your getting into.

Mollies can be a little challenging because they are live bearers and will have babies once a month if there is a male and female present. They also need a little salt in the water to be their healthiest.

Mollies are easy to feed and will readily accept flake foods. Meatier frozen foods like brine shrimp are also good for color and health, especially if they are having babies.

Mollies are available in a variety of colors the most common being black, white, dalmation, and gold dust. The Black Molly has an elongated body, which is laterally compressed. The snout is pointed and the dorsal fins are small. The caudal fin may sometimes develop a lyretail shape. Males tend to have longer fins than the female and they have a pointed caudal fin whereas females have a rounded caudal fin.

4 inches

Mollies are very peaceful community tank fish, and do well when kept in groups of three or more. Each male fish should have at least three females. Males usually harass females, hence the ratio of more females to males. Good tank mates are guppies, platys, and swordtails.

The Molly is a hardy fish and thrives in a variety of environments. It requires a minimum tank size of 10 gallons. They also need a little salt in the water but most live bearing fish do which makes finding tank mates easy.

72 - 80 °F

7.0 - 8.4

Specific Gravity:
1.004 - 1.024

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