Marlier's Julie Cichlid

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Other common names: Checkerboard Julie

Scientific name: Julidochromis marlieri

The basics:

The Marlier's Julie Cichlid is a beautiful species. It has a dark, attractive body spotted with yellow markings against a background of dull gold. Also noticeable are three to four black stripes running laterally across. A checkered pattern is also visible. The fins are spotted yellow while the caudal fin is fan-shaped and has a white line traveling across its edge. The mouth is large towards the lip and a mature Julie has a hump on its forehead.

5-6 inches

The Marlier's Julie is a shy yet aggressive species. They spend a lot of time hiding in caves. The Julie exhibits beautiful swimming motions; it can swim sideways and even hang upside down. This species is not to be disturbed while spawning.

The Marlier's Julie is an aggressive species and not suitable for community tanks. They prefer rocky habitats; so aquariums of a minimum capacity of 75 gallons are set up with lots of rockwork to create caves and hiding places. This also helps Julies stake out territory. Middle layers of the tank are reserved for swimming space. The tank substrate can be made of sand or fine gravel. Good filtration levels are required.

72.00-77.00 °F


55.000-120.000 mg/L

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