Marbled Crayfish

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Other common names: Marmorkrebs; Self-Cloning Crayfish;

Scientific name: Procambarus sp. Marmorkrebs

The basics:
Marbled Crayfish (Marmorkrebs) are a unique type of crayfish which were discovered in the pet trade in Germany in the 1990s. Marbled Crayfish are asexual and parthenogenetic - meaning they are all females and are capable of self-reproduction. Once sexually mature the Marbled Crayfish will clone its self and have a clutch of babies that ranges from 20-200+. Marmorkrebs are closely related to the "Slough crayfish" Procambarus fallax, though their exact classification is currently unknown. Marmorkrebs are a popular aquarium invertebrate because they reproduce at high rates, are easy to care for, and are genetically identical. However, Marmorkrebs are also considered to be an invasive species, and have been introduced into natural ecosystems on three continents. They are prohibited in some countries. Additionally, trading of marbled crayfish is banned in EU countries because they carry the "crayfish plague".

Marmorkrebs have a striking brown-on-tan pattern to their bodies, and blue legs which become very bright after a molt.

0-4 inches

Marbled Crayfish are non-aggressive. They will co-exist other Marbled Crayfish and with various other species of inverts, fish and aquatic amphibians.

Marbled Crayfish prefer semi-hard to hard water with slightly alkaline water. They will eat just about anything. Care must be taken to ensure this crayfish cannot climb out of the aquarium as they are accomplished climbers.

0.00-0.00 °F


0.000-0.000 mg/L


healthy, interesting appearance, large claws, coloring


population explosion, occasional molting problem, teeming spawn, prego females, small fish


cloned, fake ones, little maintenance, feeding time.Visibility

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