Marble Angelfish

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Scientific name: Pterophyllum scalare ssp.

The basics:
Freshwater Angelfish are members of the Cichlid family and are native to the Amazon River basin in South America, where they are found in heavily vegetated streams and swamps. Angelfish are popular aquarium fish because of their color, their attractive, elongated shape, and their monogamous pairing.

Angelfish are easy to feed and will eat flakes, pellets, and meaty frozen foods like brine shrimp. They're fairly easy to take care of and make fun pets because they are aware of life outside the tank and will greet you when it's feeding time.

Angels have been selectively bred for decades to create a variety of different colors and patterns. The most common colors are marble, and Gold. Some harder colors to find that are prized are Black, and Blue Angels.These fish have a tall sail-like dorsal fin, the body is extremely thin and disk shaped. Angelfish are usually taller than they are long because the dorsal and pelvic fins are very long. Marble Angelfish have marble-like swirls of silver and black on their bodies, and black markings on their fins. Some Marble Angelfish have golden patterns on their heads. Each Marble Angelfish is wonderfully unique.

6 inches

Angelfish are semi-aggressive and will fight amongst themselves, it's best to keep one to a tank unless they are a pair or have lots of space. In a large enough tank (100 gallon+) they can be kept in a group of 5 or more to disperse aggression. They can be fin nippers and should not be kept with any fish that have long tails. Good tank mates are schools of short finned tetras, Gouramis, and Cory cats. Avoid keeping Angels with fish that nip fins because their long fins are a target.

Because Angelfish get large they need a minimum of 55 gallons. They like a lot swimming space and as juveniles appreciate plants and decorations to swim around and hide in.

75.00-84.00 °F



Best centrepiece fish, elegant fish, interactive, beautiful fish, beautiful markings


nippy fish, big enough tank, perfect water quality, notorious finnippers, chasing, aggressive behavior


live plants, good water range, generally-available aquarium fish

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