Malawi Butterfly Cichlid

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Other common names: African Butterfly Peacock; Eureka Peacock; Freiberg's Peacock; Fairy Cichlid

Scientific name: Aulonocara jacobfreibergi

The basics:

The body shape of the Malawi Butterfly Cichlid is elongated and streamlined. The upper parts of the body are generally a reddish brown color. The caudal fin is forked. There are around 9 light stripes on the body starting from just behind the head till just before the tail. The dorsal and caudal fins are blue in color while the anal fins are red and black.
Blue, Red

6-7 inches

This cichlid is a peaceful fish and can easily be kept in a community tank with other peaceful fish of the same size. They are territorial though and will defend their territory if they feel threatened but will otherwise not bother any of the other fish in the tank. They will bully fish that are smaller than them as well as any juvenile members of the same species.

This fish requires a minimum tank size of 40 inches. The tank needs to be layered with an alkaline substrate such as coral sand or something similar. A cover of floating plants will provide suitably dim lighting conditions. The fish need plenty of rocks and caves to use as a hiding place. Thick leafed plants can also be used by the fish as a means of retreat. Overcrowding the tank with plants should be avoided because these fish require plenty of swimming space.They usually occupy the middle layer in the tank.

77.00-84.00 °F


71.400-148.700 mg/L

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