Malawi Blue Dolphin Cichlid

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Other common names: Blue Moorii; Blue Lump Head; Hump Head

Scientific name: Cyrtocara moorii

The basics:
The Malawi Blue Dolphin Cichlid is native to sandy coastal shores of Lake Malawi in East Africa. The Blue Dolpin is a somewhat unusual Lake Malawi Cichlid in that it has a large dolphin-like hump on its head.

The Malawi Blue Dolphin can grow up to be a large fish (10 inches) with blue coloration on its body. There are black markings visible on its back and fins. There is a nuchal hump on the fish’s forehead. The mouth is bill-shaped (resembling a dolphin) and the dorsal fin is very long.

9-10 inches

Unlike most other Cichlids, the Blue Dolphin is quite peacful, and can be kept with aggressive Lake Malawi Cichlids, and with smaller fish. They adapt well to new conditions. However, like all Cichlids they can be territorial especially during spawning.

Because of its size, the Blue Dolphin Cichlid requires a large tanks (125 gallons capacity). Good filtration is important and so are frequent water changes. Tanks are maintained with sandy soil bottoms and populated with lots of stones. The middle portion of the tank can be reserved for extra swimming space.

75.20-78.80 °F


71.400-128.000 mg/L

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