Magnificus Killifish

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Scientific name: Simpsonichthys magnificus

The basics:

The Magnificus Killifish has a typical cylindrical body structure which is slightly elongated. The dorsal and anal fins taper off slightly towards the ends. Males of this species are vividly colored with a bright golden blue and red color. The body and the fins have shiny white spots. Females are more dull in color and have fewer spots on their bodies.

1-2 inches

The Magnificus Killifish is a peaceful fish and can co-exist with other fish of the same size in a community aquarium. A pair of fish can be kept in the same tank without any problems. However, males tend to be aggressive towards each other hence two males should not be kept together in one tank. When kept with smaller fish, the Magnificus Killifish will attack and try to eat them.

The Magnificus Killifish requires a tank with a minimum capacity of 20 gallons. The base of the tank needs to be layered with peat moss or another darkly colored substrate. This fish usually inhabits the lower levels of the tank but is an excellent jumper and is liable to jump out of the tank if it is not properly covered. Their natural habitat is mainly river basins and marshy areas so a heavily planted aquarium is a good environment for them. Rocks, roots, and pieces of wood provide adequate hiding or resting places.

72.00-75.00 °F


35.700-57.100 mg/L


community tank


sand substrate

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