Livingston's Cichlid

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Other common names: Kalingo; Livinstoni's Nimbochromis Cichlid

Scientific name: Nimbochromis livingstonii

The basics:
The Livingston's Cichlid is a large Cichlid which is native to mostly shallow shoreline waters of Lake Malawi in Africa.

The Livinstoni's Nimbochromis Cichlid has an elongated body with a large, triangular head and a large mouth. The fish is blotched with brown and white markings against a light background. These blotches are used by the fish as camouflage to attract prey. Orange or red coloration is present on the anal fin while the dorsal fin is usually blue with a red band or a white line running across.

7-10 inches

It is an ambush predator and lies motionless in the sand until suitable prey comes along, and then quickly eats them. The Livinstoni's Nimbochromis is known for its interesting predatory behavior against small fishes. It uses dark spots on its body to simulate a dead floating carcass only to lure other fish to their death. This is why they are also called sleepers or ‘sleeper fish’. This species is far too aggressive for community tanks and is maintained one male to several females in a single tank.

The Livinstoni's Nimbochromis requires large open areas for swimming and a 110 gallon tank capacity is considered the minimum requirement for mature fish. Hiding places may include rock structures like caves which are placed at the back of the tank. Plentiful plants placed along sandy bottoms in the tank help reproduce the fish’s natural environment.

74.00-79.00 °F


30.000-80.000 mg/L

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