Leopard Pleco

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Other common names: Leopard Sailfin Pleco; Sailfin Pleco; Sailfin Plecostomus; Marbled Sailfin Pleco; Albino Marble Sailfin Pleco; Spotted Sailfin Pleco; Red Gibbiceps

Scientific name: Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps

The basics:
The Sailfin Pleco is a member of the armored catfish family, and is found in slow moving rivers and flooded areas in the Amazon River basin. It is a bottom dweller, and primarily feeds on algae.



0-20 inches

Sailfin Plecos are peaceful fish which are very popular freshwater aquarium fish due to their appearance and ability to eat algae. They can be kept in a community tank with medium to large fish, including Cichlids.

They eat algae, Spirulina, sinking pellet foods, and detritus. Though not nocturnal they are more active at night and will spend daylight hours 'hiding' in a secluded location. Wood appears to be an essential part of this species diet - possibly as a digestive aid rather than for any nutritional value. As the fish grows big (up to 50cm in the aquarium) a large tank with good filtration is required, in general these fish are tolerant to a wide range of freshwater conditions though prefer well aerated water. Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps grow to a very large size however (to 50 cm / 20 inches), and need to be housed in a very large tank of at least 125 gallons.

77.00-87.00 °F


0.000-0.000 mg/L


algae, Fabulous fish, robust fish, nice looking fish


delicate plants, huge tanks, large tank, poop factor, big aquarium


huge sailfin, algae wafers

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