Leopard Danio

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Other common names: Spotted Danio

Scientific name: Danio rerio var. frankei

The basics:
The Leopard Danio is a spotted morph of the Zebra Danio. It was once thought to be a unique species, but is now considered to be a variety of Danio rerio.

The Leopard Danio is a small fish with an elongated body. Leopard Danios are distinguishable by the small, irregular blue or black spots covering the larger portion of their body. The same spots are also present on the fin. The overall hue for this fish is metallic gold.

1-2 inches

Leopard Danios are active, playful, and extremely active fish. They are peaceful and do not harm plants or other aquatic life. They get along well with any other species in community tanks.

A 20-gallon tank is the minimum requirement for housing a group of small Leopard Danios. These fish are ideal for community tanks where average food or water conditions can be maintained. Spots of vegetation around the tank help create a better environment for schooling for this fish. Leopard Danios have a tendency to jump, so aquariums are best kept covered most of the time.

65.00-75.00 °F


35.700-142.800 mg/L

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