Lemon Cichlid

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Other common names: Lemon Lamprologus; Leleupi; Lemon Yellow Cichlid

Scientific name: Neolamprologus leleupi

The basics:
The Lemon Cichlid is native to Lake Tanganyika in Africa, where it lives along the rocky southern shoreline at depths to 15 meters. In the wild, the Lemon Cichlid feeds on small crustaceans and aquatic insects. Neolamprologus leleupi is a handsome fish which is one of the most popular Tanganyikan Cichlids. Fed with color-enhancing food and kept in a tank with light-colored substrate, the Lemon Cichlid will display its best and brightest colors.

True to its name, the Lemon Cichlid is bright lemon yellow in color throughout. Some varieties lean towards yellow-orange. Lemons have long, cylindrical bodies with relatively long dorsal, ventral, and anal fins that are held close to the body. Pectoral fins are wide and fan-shaped.

3-4 inches

It is aggressive and territorial when breeding, but does well in a tank which contains smaller fish and which provides plenty of hiding spaces. Highly territorial when breeding, Lemon Cichlids require areas that allow seclusion and boundaries. They may hide in a chosen cave and come out only during feeding time. They are aggressive towards fellow Cichlids and other fishes, chasing away intruders to their defined territories.

Being territorial and comparatively larger than other Cichlids, the Lemons require large and spacious community tanks with plenty of cave-like rock structures. Plants are good, but optional. Sudden changes in water conditions lead to poor health and disease.

75.00-79.00 °F


250.000-350.000 mg/L

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