Honey Gourami

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Other common names: Honey Dwarf Gourami; Red Flame Honey Gourami

Scientific name: Trichogaster (Colisa) chuna

The basics:
The Honey Gourami is native to heavily vegetated lakes and rivers throughout Asia, particularly in India and Bangladesh. They are a hardy fish and are known for known for the bubble nests which males create during spawning season.

The smallest member of the Colisa genus, the Colisa chuna or Honey Dwarf Gourami has a laterally flattened body that is silvery and light yellow (females) to bright yellow gold or reddish orange (males) in color. A dark brown band is seen from the eye to the base of the caudal fin. During mating season, the male’s dorsal fins become bright gold and the face and underside become bluish black. The tips of the anal fins are red.

0-2 inches

Honey Gouramis are known to be more peaceful than some other species of Gourami. They do well in community aquariums with non-aggressive tank mates.

The small-sized labyrinth-equipped Honey Gouramis can be kept in small aquariums but are happiest in large tanks. Well-planted and decorated aquariums that allow places for hiding are preferred by this shy species. They are omnivores and will eat flakes and pellets as well as live and freeze-dried food.

73.00-86.00 °F


50.000-150.000 mg/L

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