Hikari Danio

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Other common names: Hikari Yellow Danio; Hikari Blue Danio

Scientific name: Danio Hikari

The basics:
The Hikari Danios are classified as Hikari (Danio sp. Blue) and Hikari (Danio sp. Yellow).

The Hikari danio is a small fish with a stocky, compact body. A blue lateral line can be seen running from the gills to the yellow speckled tail. There is a golden bar that accompanies this lateral line. Hikari fish are also known to be some of the brightest and most colorful Danios available.

0-2 inches

Hikari Danios are basically peaceful but are known to get into trouble with their own kind. They are smart playful fish used to an active environment.

A 20-gallon tank can house up to five Hikari Danios at a time. Hikaris are ideal community fish and are usually maintained in groups since they love to school together. Ideal water conditions are necessary to bring out their best colors, therefore, frequent water changes and good filtration conditions must be maintained. Some empty space should be reserved in the middle of the tank for shoaling. The aquarium can otherwise be densely populated with vegetation along its sides. Hikari Danios are also notorious jumpers; hence, the tank must have a tight lid.

68.00-78.00 °F


20.000-180.000 mg/L

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