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Green-gold Catfish

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Species group: Corydoras

Other common names: Elongate Bronze Cory

Scientific name: Corydoras melanotaenia

The basics:
The Green-gold Catfish is a small Cory which is native to streams and areas of flooded forest in the Rio Meta river basin in Columbia, South America.

The overall body shape of the Green-gold Catfish is long with a short and compact head. It has distinct yellow-ochre fins. The characteristic green color of this fish surfaces during the breeding period. The upper half of the body is metallic green. The ridge of the back is light yellow. The eyes are covered by a green eye mask. The area above the back of the skull (supraoccipital) is orange in color.

2-3 inches

The Green-gold Catfish, like other Corydoras, is a peaceful fish. It is compatible with similar small or medium sized fish such as Tetras, Rasboras, and Danios.?

The fish should be housed in a well-planted aquarium. Java fern and Java moss are good additions. The fish tend to become anxious in the aquarium. To combat this, sufficient hiding places should be provided. They swim in the middle and bottom of the tank.

73.00-77.00 °F


250.000-310.000 mg/L

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strong, lighting, uneaten, leftovers

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