Grant's Peacock Cichlid

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Other common names: Ngara Flametail; Flametail Peacock, Aulonocara Ngara

Scientific name: Aulonocara stuartgranti Ngara

The basics:
The Grant's Peacock Cichlid is a colorful and small African Cichlid which is native to the northwestern shore of Lake Malawi. It lives amongst rocks near the sandy bottom, and feeds on crustaceans and invertebrates. They are active and an attractive addition to a cichlid tank. They accept all types of food but appreciate live food that they can feed on along the bottom of the tank.

Similar in shape and form to other Malawi Cichlids, Grant’s Peacocks can be distinguished by their metallic blue body accented by a reddish orange flare covering the body from the back end of the gills to the tail fin (hence the flametail reference). The head, dorsal, and ventral fins remain bright blue with a whitish edge.

4-5 inches

Aulonocara stuartgranti Ngara is considered to be one of the more peaceful Lake Malawi Cichlids, though males are territorial.

Like many Cichlids, a pair of Grant’s Peacock Cichlids requires a large tank (about 100 gallons) to achieve ideal habitat conditions. To mimic their natural environment, the tank must have a sand bottom and be equipped with rocks and caves to mark territories and provide security and refuge.

72.00-79.00 °F


150.000-200.000 mg/L


entertaining fish, bright colors, planted tanks, beautiful addition, small cichlids


regular community fish, small nonpredatory fish


African Cichlid, Flametail African Peacock, ngara flametails, multiple hiding places

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