Golden Julie

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Scientific name: Julidochromis ornatus

The basics:
The Golden Julie is a member of the Cichlid family which is native to the northern end of Lake Tanganyika.

Julidochromis ornatus is a beautiful fish, as expressed by the ornatus (‘beautiful’ in Latin) in its scientific name. A good specimen displays rich golden stripes on its elongated body. The stripes cover the area from the nose to the tail and fall on a background which is usually beige or yellow in color. There is sometimes a bluish sheen noticeable on the fins.

0-3 inches

Like other African Cichlids, the Golden Julie is aggressive and territorial, especially during spawning, and only one pair should be kept in the same tank. Golden Julies are aggressive and territorial so they do not get along well with other fish in a community tank.

A minimum tank capacity of 25 gallons can house a few Julies. Tanks are usually well populated with caves and rock piles. Tough aquatic plants are also preferred. Tank bed can be covered with gravel. Flowerpots may also be used as territories for Julies to guard and play with. New fish are not introduced at a late stage in a tank full of Golden Julies as the latter can get very aggressive.

71.00-76.00 °F


120.000-300.000 mg/L

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