Glass Catfish

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Other common names: Ghost Catfish; Ghost Fish

Scientific name: Kryptopterus bicirrhis

The basics:
The Glass Catfish is found along the shores of fast moving rivers in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. They are a shoaling fish and are notable for having nearly transparent bodies. Unlike other Catfish, the Glass Catfish swim in the middle to upper portion of the water column. They have a tendency to shoal; therefore, should be kept in groups of at least 10. Glass Catfish are known to be finicky eaters. They will eat flake and freeze-dried food but will prefer small live food, especially mosquito larvae.

The Glass Catfish has an elongated body that is almost totally transparent, hence the name. Being transparent, it protects itself by blending well, assuming the color of its surroundings. The only color that can be seen on the fish’s body is a reddish violet patch behind the gills. On close scrutiny, even the innards of the Glass Catfish can be seen. Against bright light, the Glass Catfish shines off an iridescent rainbow color. As with other Catfish, the Glass Catfish has no scales and the barbels are long. Anal fins that run through the whole underside of the fish are relatively long, in contrast with the almost absent dorsal and pelvic fins.

3-5 inches

They are peaceful and placid, which makes them ideal tankmates for similarly sized and non-aggressive species.

Medium to large aquariums are sufficient for the Glass Catfish that needs to be kept in groups. In the wild, they inhabit fast-flowing streams; therefore, the aquarium needs to have at least a mild current. Décor and plants will provide the timid Glass Catfish with shelter and security.

68.00-79.00 °F


50.000-100.000 mg/L


great community fish, easy beginning fish, good health, internal organs, unique fish, Fascinating fish


poor water conditions, new tanks, Invisible Fish


frenetic eaters, tail waging, large shoal, true schooling fish, tiniest bone, softer water

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