Giant Gourami

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Other common names: Common Gourami; True Gourami

Scientific name: Osphronemus goramy

The basics:
The Giant Gourami is native to slow-moving, brackish rivers and lakes in Southeast Asia. It is the largest Gourami, and is an important food fish in many areas, such as India. Like other Gourami, Osphronemus goramy are bubble nest builders. The Giant Gourami is a popular freshwater aquarium fish, though because it can grow to nearly two feet in length, they require a very large tank.

The Giant Gourami possesses a compact and oval-shaped body with a blunt head. Surprisingly, juveniles can be more beautiful with their pointed heads and several dark bars. This gives them a black and gold striped appearance. Their fins are yellow. As they mature, this coloration fades, becoming quite plain with a brownish black or even a largely pinkish to white coloration. A 'nuchal hump', a swollen knob or lump on the forehead can be found in mature males. They also possess the labyrinth organ, characteristic of all gouramis.

0-20 inches

The Giant Gourami is normally a good community fish. It is a recluse to some extent. Juveniles may fight fish of the same species. Their temperament mellows with age. However, with its large size, the fish cannot help eating smaller tank mates. Hence, smaller fish are not housed with them. Males may be aggressive towards each other. While fighting, they render the well-known gourami "kiss" in a violent ritualized manner.

Given their enormous size, these fish require a spacious aquarium. A capacity of 200 gallons is recommended. A good filtration system can be beneficial. Weekly water changes, with 25% or more is advisable. Tank decorations are useless since Giant Gouramis are very active and need space to accommodate their large bodies.

68.00-86.00 °F


178.500-0.000 mg/L

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