Giant Freshwater Pufferfish

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Other common names: Giant green puffer; Mbu puffer

Scientific name: Tetraodon mbu

The basics:

The Giant Freshwater Pufferfish is characterized by a mottled green or brown effect. The base color may be either cream or yellow in color. The belly of this fish is yellow in color. This is a squat fish with a pronounced brow. The dorsal fin is short and towards the rear making it symmetrical with the anal fin. The caudal fin is square and truncated. The eyes of this fish are pronounced with black and yellow.

20-26 inches

This fish is considered to be a very aggressive fish. As with all puffers, these fish can inflate themselves or puff up when they feel threatened. Care should be taken when selecting tank mates as this fish may feed on smaller fish.

This fish requires a tank of 50 gallons with a sandy substrate. As the fish grows, the tank requirement can go up to 1000 gallons for a full-grown puffer. This is because the fish has the tendency to rest at the bottom of the tank. There should be rock work or caves for this fish to be able to hide in and seek refuge from predators. Plants in the aquarium would help mimic their natural habitat; however, there should be enough room to swim in. This fish requires regular water changes; at least 50% of the water should be recycled every week. These fish are considered to be sensitive to ammonia and nitrites.

75.00-79.00 °F


71.420-107.140 mg/L


small pond, unique swimming pattern


large aggressive fish, large food bill, minimum tank size, water quality pristine, casual hobbyists


brine shrimp, scary looking fish, Eats mostly worms

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