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Scientific name: Cyphotilapia frontosa

The Basics:
The Frontosa is a member of the cichlid family which is native to Lake Tanganyika in East Africa. A deep water fish ( (30–50 meters), Cyphotilapia frontosa is one of the largest cichlids and can reach 10-14 inches (25–35 cm) in length. The Frontosa is a popular home aquarium fish, and is one of the more docile cichlids. Its adult size and strength does pose challenges however.

The Frontosa's is distinguished by the large hump located on its frontal lobe. The Frontosa’s body has six or seven vertical bars running across a white (sometimes blue) background. The extremities are white or light blue in color.

12-16 inches

The Frontosa are calm and peaceful in nature but can get aggressive with smaller fish. They are amiable towards humans and are often hand fed.

A 200 gallon tank with plenty of open space is used to keep Frontosa Fish thriving. Plants are not essential but a sandy bottom to the tank with some scattered rock structures can be used. Frequent changes (three times a week) are necessary. Frontosa do best in groups, and 6-8 fish need a 150 gallon (550 L) or larger tank. When startled, adult Frontosa have been known to ram and crack glass tanks.

72.00-83.00 °F


28.600-142.800 mg/L

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