Flying Fox

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Species group:

Other common names: Kuonobarbi

Scientific name: Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus

The Basics:
The Flying Fox is a member of the Cyprinidae family of freshwater fish, a family which includes carp, minnows and barbs. It is a nocturnal bottom-dwelling fish which is native to streams in Indonesia and other areas of Southeast Asia, where it feeds on algae. Flying Fox are popular community tank fish and grow to around 5 inches. They feed on algae at the bottom of the tank, but soon come to prefer flake food. It has a habit of resting propped up by its pectoral fins. The Flying Fox prefers to hide as opposed to being very active. Flying Foxes initially eat algae but will typically slow or stop eating algae as they grow older, relying more on supplied food. It is an extremely durable, low maintenance fish that can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and conditions.

The Flying Fox is an elongated fish with a flat belly. It has an olive brown to dark brown back. It has a smooth brown-black stripe that starts from the mouth, goes through the eye, and continues up to the fork of its tail. There is also a slender gold band above the black stripe and below the brown back. Below the black stripe, it is silver or yellowish white in color. The fins are transparent with a streak of brown. The Flying Fox has two sets of barbels and its iris may be bright red in color. Olive Brown, Dark Brown, Brown-Black, Gold, Silver, Yellowish White, Brown, and Bright Red variations are found.

4-5 inches

They may display aggressiveness towards smaller fish, fish of their own species, or similarly shaped fish. The Flying Fox is generally considered aggressive and territorial. It may be peaceful towards dissimilar species. Flying Foxes are generally loners and need their space. They keep mainly to the bottom of the tank and chase other species out of their territory. Flying Foxes can be kept with its own species as long as the aquarium is large enough to allow each of them to have their own space.

The Flying Fox requires a tank with 30-35 gallons capacity tank and lots of plants for resting or grazing. It also needs lots of hiding places with rock, roots, and wood to stake its territory, and a moderate to strong current. It is essential to change the water regularly, at least two or three times a month, and to maintain a neutral pH level. Since this fish feeds on algae initially, strong lighting will be required to promote algae growth. A fine gravel substrate can be used.

73.00-81.00 °F


14.280-0.850 mg/L

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