Five-Banded Barb

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Other common names: Pentazona Barb; Five Banded Barb; Fiveband Barb

Scientific name: Puntius pentazona

The Basics:
The Five-Banded Barb is a member of the Minnow family and is a schooling fish found in shady, slow flowing water throughout Southeast Asia. In the wild they feed on insect larvae and small crustaceans.

The ‘penta’ in the Five-Banded Barb’s scientific name refers to the conspicuous five to six black bars running vertically across its golden colored body. The first of these transverse bands runs through the eye while the last is seen crossing the caudal peduncle. The back side is colored olive brown while the flanks are of an orange brown hue. Gold, red, and brown color forms have been observed.

1-2 inches

The Five-Banded Barb is a peaceful community fish and does not exhibit the fin-nipping behavior of most barbs. It is best kept in groups of 8 or more individuals in a well planted community tank.

A 30-gallon tank with low lighting conditions is ideal for maintaining the Five-Banded Barb. The tank is kept away from windows, and densely planted to provide plenty of cover for this fish. Rock and driftwood can also be added to the tank but large space is reserved for swimming. This barb is ideal for housing in community tanks.

73.00-79.00 °F


28.600-71.200 mg/L

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