Eureka Red Cichlid

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Other common names: Eureka Peacock; Eureka Cichlid; Aulonocara Eureka Red; Eureka Red Peacock; Fairy Cichlid

Scientific name: Aulonocara jacobfreibergi

The Basics:
Aulonocara jacobfreibergi is a cichlid which is native to Lake Malawi. It lives in shallow water between 2 - 10 meters deep, and is mainly found among small rocks. Aulonocara jacobfreibergi is a maternal mouthbrooder that is relatively easy to breed. The Chisumulu Pearl Cichlid is a member of the Mbuna Cichlid group. The name mbuna means "rockfish" in the language of the Tonga people of Malawi. As the name implies, mbuna are the cichilds that live among piles of rocks.

The male Eureka Red Cichlid has a blue head, body and fins. The upper part of the dorsal region is orange/red. Female Eureka Red Cichlids are a grey/brown with some orange on the anal and pelvic fins.

4-7 inches

Male fish are territorial by nature and will display aggressive tendencies towards other males as well as similar looking fish.

Aulonocara jacobfreibergi should be fed a mix of quality pellets, flakes, krill, artemia etc..

75.00-78.00 °F


0.000-0.000 mg/L

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