Endler's Livebearer

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Other common names: Endler's Guppy; Campoma Guppy

Scientific name: Poecilia wingei

The Basics:

The body form of Endler's Livebearer is elongated and typical of the Guppy family. The males of this species are brightly colored with red, green, and black lines running over the body. Females are plainer with a silvery color. Males are smaller in size and have a larger caudal fin compared to the females.

1-2 inches

Endler's Livebearers are peaceful fish and can be kept in a community tank. They can be kept in groups of three or more, although they do not exhibit schooling behavior. The ratio of males to females should be a minimum of 1:2, otherwise males will harass the females to breed. Male fish tend to be aggressive towards each other and will, on rare occasions, display aggression towards other fish by nipping fins.

The Endler's Livebearer is a very hardy fish and requires a minimum tank capacity of 20 gallons. In its natural habitat, the fish resides in lagoons and will be quite comfortable in an aquarium with some plants where they can hide at times. A few floating plants like ferns will help keep the lighting dim.

64.00-84.00 °F


71.400-214.300 mg/L

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