Electric Eel

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Scientific name: Electrophorus electricus

The basics:
An Electric Eel is capable of discharging 600 volts of electricity in a single charge. In the wild, the fish uses its charge to find prey, discourage predators, and communicate with other members of the species.These fish are air breathers.

The Electric Eel has a long, elongated, somewhat tube-like body. The head of the fish is flattened and the entire body is scaleless. The body is dark brown with a few silvery or white spots. The belly is yellowish and bears the anal fin which continues right up to the tail region.

75-96 inches

The Electric Eel is not a social animal and must be kept apart from other species. Up to three adult Eels can be kept in one tank. Young Electric Eels must be kept singly since they tend to fight among themselves. Adult males become aggressive and fight with each other during breeding season.

Electric Eels require large-sized tanks with a minimum capacity of 100 gallons. The substrate needs to be gravel. In their natural habitat, these fish live in muddy-bottomed waters, so plenty of branches and roots are required where they can rest and hide. They also prefer dark surroundings, so the lighting in the tank should be as dim as possible. The tank is covered with a lid such that a suitable amount of space is available for the fish to rise to the surface to breathe.



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