Dwarf Rasbora

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Other common names: Spotted Rasbora

Scientific name: Boraras maculatus

The basics:
The Dwarf Rasbora is a small member of the Cyprinidae family of fish, and is native to Southeast Asia. It inhabits slow moving, peaty streams and ponds, and feeds on small insects and crustaceans, and zooplankton.



0-2 inches

The Dwarf Rasbora is a peaceful but shy fish preferring the company of its own species. They love to school together in community tanks.

A 25-gallon tank is adequate for housing the Dwarf Rasbora. Floating plants and dark soil substrates can also be added. Dense plantation providing shady vegetation brings out the best colors of this species. However, sufficient swimming space is also maintained in the upper and middle levels of the tank for swimming. Peat filtration can also be provided. Partial water changes are sufficient but soft water conditions (slightly acidic) are ideal for long term care.In captivity, Boraras maculatus requires a dimly lit, densely planted tank with acidic water conditions. As it is a schooling fish, it needs to be kept in groups of at least 8 - 10 fish.

75.00-79.00 °F


0.000-0.000 mg/L

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