Dwarf Gourami

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Other common names: Dwarf Red Gourami; Powder Blue Gourami

Scientific name: Colisa lalia

The basics:
The Dwarf Gourami is native to slow moving streams in South Asia. Dwarf Gouramis are popular because they are hardy and one of few fish that come in the color blue.

Dwarf Gouramis are easy to feed because they will eat flakes, pellets, and a variety of frozen foods. The only challenge with keeping Dwarf Gouramis is making sure to put them in a large enough tank since they get bigger than most community fish.

There are a number of color hybrids such as blue or powder blue, neon, rainbow, and red or blushing Gouramis. The powder blue fish are principally blue with hardly any red on its body. Neons boast of a brighter blue pattern than the commonly found blue. Rainbows are spectacular with brilliant orange-red bodies and blue stripes. Added to this is a metallic green-gold sheen. The red variety sports a solid red color all over with blue dorsal fins.

3 inches

Dwarf Gouramis are considered peaceful but can bully smaller fish sometimes. Gouramis can be territorial and aggressive to their own kind so they are best kept one to tank. These fish do well with other mid-sized peaceful fish like tetras, live bearers and bottom cleaners.

Dwarf Gouramis need a minimum of 30 gallons. There should be plenty of vegetation in the tank like floating plants that cover part of the surface of the water and decorations that they can explore. A low flow filter works best to mimic their natural habitat.

76 - 82 °F


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