Dojo Loach

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Other common names: Weatherfish; Weather Loach; Oriental Weather Fish; Pond Loach; Amur

Scientific name: Misgurnus anguillicaudatus

The basics:
The Dojo Loach is a slender, eel-like, bottom-dwelling scavenger which is native to much of Asia. a popular aquarium fish, M. anguillicaudatus has been introduced into several parts of the world for aquaculture purposes and as a bait fish. It has become established in lakes and rivers across the United States, where there is concern it will reduce populations of aquatic insects which are important food for native fish. Dojos acquired their “Weather Loach” name due to their “ability” to sense changes in barometric pressure. They become agitated and swim about frantically when the weather starts to turn bad. They accept most forms of food and are often used to address an overpopulation of snails. They can also gulp air, pass it through their system, and expel the excess through the anus. This ability allows them to survive nearly dry habitats.

Dojo Loaches have a cylindrical or eel-shaped body with five pairs of barbels around the mouth. The natural body color is yellowish brown typically with tiny olive green, gray, or dark brown spots or lines. Some individuals have faint spots or light speckles. Dojo Loaches have two color morphs: albino and gold. The albino is uniformly light yellow in color with pink eyes. The gold morph is gold in color with dark eyes and dark spots or stripes.

9-10 inches

They are excellent community fish because they are non-aggressive bottom dwellers that actively socialize with their tank mates.

Dojo Loaches are best kept in large tanks of at least 50 gallons. Like other large fishes, they require good filtration and regular water maintenance. The tank should have a secure lid to prevent escape. The substrate should be sand to allow the loaches to sift through them in search for food. Gravel, rocks, and stable décor can be used but must be secure because loaches tend to burrow and could get caught under fallen décor. Plants should be potted or anchored.

70.00-76.00 °F


50.000-200.000 mg/L


truly amazing animals, cleaning, energetic friendly fish, hardy fish, fascinating fish


nearhermetically sealed tank, bacterial infections


scaleless fish, burrowing, protective slime coating, Weather Loach, barometric pressure changes

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