Demasoni Cichlid

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Other common names: Pombo Rocks Cichlid

Scientific name: Pseudotropheus demasoni

The basics:
The Demasoni Cichlid is a cichlid from Lake Malawi, specifically the area known as the Pombo Rocks. It lives in shallow water between 2 - 10 meters deep, and is mainly found among small rocks. The Demasoni Cichlid is quite new to the hobby, and was introduced in the 1990's.

Males are blue with black bars and yellow dorsals. Females are muted versions of the males.

0-3 inches

Like most of the Lake Malawi cichlids, it is territorial and aggressive, and doesn't make a good community tank addition. Despite its small size, the Demasoni Cichlid is very aggressive, even towards larger fish. Male fish are territorial by nature and will display aggressive tendencies towards other males as well as similar looking fish.

The tank must be at least 36 inches in size and have a minimum capacity of 35 gallons. Rocks and cave structures are preferred for habitation. Owners say that the best success is achieved by creating a species tank, and having a number of fish in the tank. This requires weekly water changes however.

75.00-82.00 °F


0.000-0.000 mg/L

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