Common Yabby

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Other common names: Common Yabby; Yabby; Yabbie Crayfish; Dam Yabby; Blue Claw; Blue Pearl Lobster; Australian Blue Pearl Lobster

Scientific name: Cherax destructor

The Basics:
The Common Yabby is an Australian freshwater crustacean where they are very common in slow-flowing or stationary bodies of water such as lagoons and back-waters. There are three sub-species: Cherax destructor destructor, Cherax destructor albidus and Cherax destructor rotundus.

An all-blue variation, called the Blue Pearl Lobster is perhaps the most common in home aquariums. In the wild, color is highly variable and depends on water clarity and habitat. The normal forms can range from a yellowish cream white, to pale greenish brown, to bluish, to combinations where the body is brown and the claws varying shades of blue. The claw leg joints are a bright orange red. The "blue pearl" is a mutation where the entire crayfish is blue.

4-8 inches


Yabbies are generally considered detrivores, eating dead and decaying plant material. They are opportunistic feeders and in an aquarium environment where detritus is impractical, they can be considered omnivorous. In aquaria, it is less aggressive toward fish and less effective at fish capture compared to narrow clawed species, such as redclaws (C. quadricarinatus, one of the species most prone to capture and eat fish) and the Louisiana red crayfish.

0.00-0.00 °F


0.000-0.000 mg/L


extremely hardy spe, water temperatures


abundant in their native habitats inexpensive

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