Chinese Hillstream Loach

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Other common names: Hillstream Loach; Borneo Sucker; Hong Kong Pleco; Butterfly Loach

Scientific name: Beaufortia kweichowensis

The basics:
The Chinese Hillstream Loach is a small member of the Loach family, and is found throughout China in shallow, fast-flowing rivers and streams and feeds on algae. This fish is typically shy and needs to be kept in a group of three to seven. They are often found attached to the walls of the tank but move rapidly if they are disturbed.

The body form is compressed and aerodynamic to cope with its natural habitat of fast flowing river streams. The pelvic fins are fused to form an adhesive structure which enables the fish to attach to a substratum. The body is a light golden color with a pattern of dark spots all over. The dorsal fin has a thin red line at its extremity.

Size: 2-3 inches

In the aquarium, the Chinese Hillstream Loach is a very peaceful fish and is completely non-aggressive. It can easily be kept in a tank with other fish species of the same nature.

The fish needs a tank with a minimum capacity of 20 gallons. The bottom of the tank needs to be lined with fine soil; these fish tend to swim by gliding over the substrate, which should not have sharp particles that could injure them. They require a relatively strong water current in the tank which also takes care of the high oxygen content required by the fish. These fish are bottom dwellers and hence require very low lighting. They need only a few plants to mimic the vegetation in their habitat. However, they need moderate amount of rocks, roots, etc. for hiding.

68.00-75.00 °F


35.700-85.700 mg/L


Interesting fish, cool little fish, gorgeous loaches


warm temperature, cooler water fish, inexperienced fishkeepers, highly oxygenated waters


smooth rocks, pristine water quality, mountain stream environment, high dissolved oxygen

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