Celestial Goldfish

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Other common names: Celestial Eye Goldfish; Choten gan

Scientific name: Carassius auratus

The basics:

The Celestial Goldfish is another variation of goldfishes that has unique eye features. Similar to the Telescope Goldfish, the Celestial’s eyes are enlarged and protruding, but they are oriented upwards. Similar to the Lionhead Goldfish, the Celestial has an elongated body with a curved back and no dorsal fins. Celestials have also been interbred with the Pompom Goldfish, giving them a fleshy nasal feature. Celestial Goldfishes are mostly orange in color. They are bred in metallic and nacreous forms. The preferred Celestials have symmetrical eyes that are equal in size.

0-12 inches

Goldfishes are social although they do not school. They thrive in a community but are best kept with other similarly shaped goldfishes and non-aggressive tank mates.

Celestial Goldfishes have the same requirements as other goldfishes –- a medium to large tank that has sufficient room for swimming, and no sharp objects or décor that could fray delicate flowing fins. The tank must be equipped with aerators because goldfishes appreciate a well-oxygenated environment. Powerful filters are recommended to handle the volumes of waste generated by the fishes.

50.00-77.00 °F


50.000-250.000 mg/L

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