Cascarudo Catfish

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Other common names: Armored Catfish; Bubblenest Catfish; Hassar; Mailed Catfish

Scientific name: Callichthys callichthys

The basics:
The Cascarudo Catfish has an elongated body, maintaining the same depth throughout. It has a broad and dorsally flattened head. Bony scutes appear all over the body. There are 26-29 scutes in the upper lateral series and 25-28 in the lower. The flanks also feature two strips of bony scutes, which appear like tiles on a roof. The fish has a rounded caudal fin. There are two pairs of maxillary barbels extending till the pectoral fins when laid back. The fish has small eyes. Like other Corys, these fish can swallow air and use their intestines to utilize atmospheric oxygen.
These fish are peaceful by nature. Being a community fish that immensely enjoys company, groups of five or more are recommended. Tank mates should not be too small or too aggressive.

5-8 inches

68.00-81.00 °F


200.000-300.000 mg/L

A tank with a capacity of 20 to 40 gallons can house these fish. The water level should be quite shallow, ideally six inches or less. Much activity is observed in the aquarium when there is dim lighting or at night. In bright light, the fish go into hiding. Floating plants may be used to lower the light. Fine and dark colored material is used to cover the bottom of the tank. Cascarudos are bottom dwellers but they tend to be adept at jumping high; hence, the tank should be covered properly.


large armoured catfish, community pond


excellent jumper, large tank


shrimps, pellets, live foods

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