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Britski's Catfish

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Species group: Corydoras

Other common names: Giant Brochis

Scientific name: Brochis britskii

The basics:

The Britski's Catfish possesses a large number of dorsal fin rays (15-18) as compared to the Corydoras species, which have about seven. Its shorter snout and larger eye distinguishes it from the other Brochis species. A bony plate or shield covers the white part of the underside of the head.

3-4 inches

Being gregarious by nature, Britski's Brochis are good shoaling fish for the larger community tank. They are rarely inactive. They get along with most fish. However, Loaches make better tank mates than Corydoras as they are of similar size and this helps when competing for food. They can be kept with more dynamic species due to their boisterousness.

These fish come from reed-choked waters; hence, the water current in the tank should be minimal. The fish prefer deep water. The tank should have open spaces of substrate. Rock or wood refuges can be slightly elevated to provide shade for the fish to rest under.

68.00-75.00 °F


110.000-280.000 mg/L

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large, barbs, fishnet

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API Freshwater Master Test Kit

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