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Other common names: Fairy Cichlid Brichardi; Lyretail Cichlid; Princess Cichlid; Princess of Burundi

Scientific name: Neolamprologus brichardi

The basics:
The Brichardi is a Cichlid which is native to Lake Tanganyika in eastern Africa. They live in large schools and eat insect larvae, crustaceans and algae. Brichardi are popular aquarium fish.

The Brichardi is a smooth and elongated cichlid. The body is colored tan all over. The caudal, anal, and dorsal fins are of the same base color. It is also known as the ‘lyre-tailed’ fish because of the lyre-shaped tail fin. A bar runs from the eye to the back, and on top of the bar is a bright gold spot. This fish is much admired for its beauty.

4-6 inches

They are highly aggressive and territorial when spawning - even with much larger Lake Tankanyikan fish. For this reason, many recommend that Brichardi are kept in a species-only tank. They are aggressive when kept in pairs or in a crowd. They thrive when maintained singly. They are territorial and are known to attack fishes even twice their size.

A tank with a minimum capacity of 15 gallons is suitable for habitation, though larger tanks (20 to 30 gallons) are preferable. The Brichardi thrive best under good filtration conditions. Water needs to be changed regularly. Plants can be used and the tank can be decorated with crushed coral and rocks that form caves and crevices. This fish is a jumper so tanks must be kept covered.

72.00-77.00 °F


57.100-142.800 mg/L


beautiful coloring, behavior, interesting fish, interaction, unusual spawning patterns


aggression, large tank, dominance, alpha male, battles


nesting caves, small cichlids, different sized shells, nickname ‘fairy cichlids

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