Bolivian Ram

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Other common names: Red Ram; Butterfly Ram; Bolivian Butterfly; Ruby Cichlid; Ruby Clown Cichlid

Scientific name: Microgeophagus altispinosa

The basics:
The Bolivian Ram is a small South American Cichlid which lives in the waters of the Amazon River basin. It ia a popular aquarium fish. Bolivian Rams are omnivores and will accept flakes, pellets, and live or freeze-dried food.

Reaches only around 3 inches (8 cm.) in length. The base color of the Bolivian Ram is light brown to grayish blue. The ventral side is yellowish white. Most often a black line runs vertically through the eye. A black spot is usually found in the middle of the body, just below the middle of the dorsal fin. The anal and pectoral fins are pinkish orange, as well as the tips of the dorsal fins and edges of the caudal fins.

0-4 inches

The Bolivian Ram tends to be one of the more peaceful cichlids, and is compatible with most fish in community tanks.
Compared to other Cichlids, the Bolivian Ram is on the average in terms of aggression. They are best kept alone or in pairs, and if the tank is big enough, can do well in a peaceful community. If kept as a mating pair, the male becomes aggressive towards tank mates just before spawning, as he protects the breeding territory and the fertilized eggs.

Bolivian Rams are best kept in at least a 20-gallon tank that is well filtered and moderately lit. Plants, rocks, and driftwood are recommended for hiding and marking territory. Slate and flat leaves can be chosen by mating pairs as spawning ground.

77.00-82.00 °F


50.000-150.000 mg/L


robust community tank, favorite dwarf s.a, planted tank, lovely colours, stunning little fish




varied diet, beautiful yellow belly, darker vertical bands, hiding places, similar Dwarf Ram

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