Blue Gourami

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Other common names: Lavender Gourami;

Scientific name: Trichogaster trichopterus sumatranus

The basics:
The Blue Gourami is a man-made color morph of the Three-spot Gourami.

The Blue Gourami has a rather compact and extended body. Its fins are rounded and quite large. The ventral fins are fragile and highly sensitive. It can be distinguished from the Three-spot Gourami by the absence of the two dark spots. The fins look very attractive with a pattern of white spots. This fish possesses a labyrinth organ that enables it to absorb atmospheric oxygen directly into the bloodstream. The body of the fish is colored a beautiful lavender tone, as its name indicates. There is a deeper toned striped patterning along the back.

0-6 inches

Blue Gourami are not as peaceful as the other Gouramis. They can sometimes attack smaller fish. The juveniles, however, make good community fish. As they grow older, it is advisable to keep them with fish of similar size. The degree of aggression varies from fish to fish.
A good set of tank mates should include a mix of neutral personalities. Blue Gouramis will easily overpower fin nippers and other Gouramis. They tend to be fixated on working out a hierarchy. Very small fish or fry rarely last long in the same aquarium owing to the hunting skills of this fish.

While the labyrinth organ permits the fish to carry on in oxygen-depleted water, it is a widespread fallacy that this makes water changes avoidable. Like other fishes, Gouramis will suffer tissue damage from accumulated toxins. Regular water changes of 25 percent weekly are prescribed by aquarists. The tank decorations are in tandem with the temperaments of these fish. This entails the provision of a few hiding places and some dense plant cover. These fish will be grateful for the cover that floating plants provide. Juveniles are easily housed in a 15 - 20 gallon capacity aquarium, but adults require at least 35 gallons capacity.

77.00-86.00 °F


35.700-250.000 mg/L


community tanks, agile swimmers, beautiful blue coloration, lowmaintenance


potentially aggressive nature, secure lid


labyrinth organ, little swim dance, lower energy fish, air breathers, bizarre long feeler

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