Black Skirt Tetra

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Other common names: Black Tetra; Black Widow Tetra; Hi-Fin Black Skirt Tetra

Scientific name: Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

The basics:
The Black Skirt Tetra is native to slow moving, densely vegetated streams in the Rio Paraguay and Guaporé basins in Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina. They are a very hardy fish and good for beginners.

Black Skirts are easy to feed and rarely need more than flake food because they stay under two and a half inches but they will also eat micro-pellets and small frozen foods like brine shrimp..

The Black Skirt Tetra is laterally flat with translucent to faded black fins. The silver gray body has two to four thick black vertical stripes on their mid-section. There is also an albino version with similar markings in shades of white and cream.

2 1/2 inches

Black Skirt Tetras are peaceful with the occasional older specimen who chases long finned tank mates and nips at their tail. Like all other Tetras, the Black Skirt is a schooling fish that enjoys swimming in schools of 6 or more. They are a larger and more confident tetra than some others and do ok alone as well. Good tank mates are other peaceful Tetras and Dwarf Gouramis.

Black Skirt Tetras need a minimum tank size of 10 gallons and 30 gallons if kept in a school. They enjoy well planted and decorated tanks to explore with adequate swimming space. Hardy and adaptable, Black Skirt Tetras can tolerate a wide range of water conditions but won’t be healthy when exposed to extreme and sudden changes.

75 - 82 °F

6.5 - 7.5


great beginner fish, nice activity, Cool Schooling fish, robust community fish, gorgeous fish


nippy, Adequate room, fin nippers, cramped spaces, unscrupulous dealers


good sized, dither fish, slightly lower temperatures

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