Black Ruby Barb

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Other common names: Purple-headed Barb; Ruby Barb

Scientific name: Puntius nigrofasciatus

The basics:
The Black Ruby Barb is a small member of the minnow family and is native to forested streams in Sri Lanka.

The Black Ruby Barb is a small tropical fish conspicuous for the dark crimson coloration on it head. The rest of the body is silver in color in juveniles and turns into a ruby red color in breeding mature males. The flanks are covered by four transverse stripes. The dorsal fin is black whereas the anal fin is blackish red.

2-3 inches

The Black Ruby Barb is playful and likes to nip on tails of other fish. They are constantly active and display nimble behavior under brightly-lit tank conditions. They are best kept in groups of at least three fish, and need ample vegetation to hide in.

The Black Ruby prefers shaded conditions, therefore, tanks can be populated with dense plantation. Floating plants are preferred for the cover they offer. Moderate rockwork can be added but this fish also requires plenty of room for swimming. Tanks are layered with humus at the bottom. This species get along well with other barbs and similar fish in community tanks.

70.00-79.00 °F


50.000-120.000 mg/L

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