Black Neon Tetra

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Species group:

Other common names: Black Tetra

Scientific name: Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi

The basics:
The Black Neon Tetra is a small schooling fish which is found in streams throughout the Rio Paraguay River basin in Brazil. Captive bred Black Neons are very popular aquarium fish and thrive in well planted community tanks. They are hardy, peaceful and inexpensive. As they are a schooling fish, they should be kept in groups of 10 or more individuals.

The Black Neon Tetra has a compressed and deep body. A two-color band stretching from the base of the caudal fin to the border of the gill cover characterizes the fish. The upper part of the stripe is colored an iridescent pale green to white. The lower part is broader and jet-black in color, giving the fish its name. The silver on the edges, though a tiny part, add glamour to the fish's coloration. The black is brightened up by the yellow tinge on the fish's clear fins. It has large eyes with an iris covered by a brilliant red semi-circle.

1-2 inches

Peaceful and undemanding by nature, Black Neon Tetras are easy to care for. They will love being in a large community aquarium. A minimum of six Tetras should be kept together because they enjoy shoaling. Housing them with larger fish such as Angelfish may lead to disaster, as these fish will not hesitate to make a meal of the Tetras.

A shoal of these tiny fish can easily be housed in a standard 20-gallon tank. For the fish to display its brightest coloring possible, peat filtering is recommended. This becomes necessary during breeding. Lighting in the tank is usually dim. Enough open space for swimming is a must as they swim in all areas of the aquarium. Abundant live plants and driftwood serve the purpose of providing hiding places. A dark substrate and healthy water current completes this fish's requirements.

73.00-81.00 °F


30.000-120.000 mg/L

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