Black Moor Goldfish

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Scientific name: Carassius auratus (variety)

The basics:
Goldfish were first domesticated in China more than a thousand years ago and even today are some of the most popular fish to keep. Black moors are so popular because of their large round eyes and unique black color.

They are very easy to take care of and fun to have. All gold fish will learn when feeding time is and come beg for food at the edge of the tank when they see you, take care not to ever feed them when they do this. They are easy to feed accepting a range of foods including flakes, pellets, chopped pieces of fruits and veggies like peas and watermelon, and mosquito larva if kept outside.

Housing Black moors can be challenging because they need a lot of space and good filtration. When kept in proper conditions they can live up to 20 years.

The Black Moor Goldfish has a veil-tail and telescopic eyes. Black Moors are a jet black variation of the Telescope Goldfish, but their eyes do not protrude as much. There is also a red moore that loks the same only red. The Black Moor Goldfish have two caudal fins. They can develope a bronze under belly as they age and the Moors that stay the darkest or remain Black are considered the best color quality.

7 inches

Goldfish are peaceful and very social fish, and flourish in a cold water community tank free of aggressive fish. A tank with only other round bodied goldfish like Orandas, and Fantails is ideal since they are not able to compete for food with more agile fish such as Comet Goldfish, and Koi.

The Black Moor Goldfish needs a minimum of 20 gallons per fish. The protruding eyes of the Black Moor Goldfish have to be considered when decorating an aquarium. Soft and silky cold-water plants grafted onto rocks or wood (e.g. Anubias, Java Fern, Anacharis, etc.) are good choices to prevent injury. Plastic plants and natural plants with leaves that are pointed may hurt these delicate fish. They prefer tanks with little or no current. Black Moor Goldfish require optimum water conditions in a well-aerated, efficiently filtered tank.

55.00-78.00 °F



best personality, velvety black color, majestic swimmer, agile swimmers, beautiful tail fins


tank cleaning, sharp objects, messy eater, fragile Black Moor, delicate goldfish


telescopic eyes, outdoor pond fish, deep bronzeish shade, raccoon snack

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